Friday, August 12, 2011

Black bean burgers

Apparently everyone is making them and I jumped on the bandwagon. The other day I saw a video by Vegan Zombie (aka ZombieGate on Youtube ~ note on this right quick, video portrays some zombie related violence, may not be suitable for young kids. Parental discretion advised.). Today Lindsey from Happy Herbivore mentioned having them for dinner! Speaking of - I could REALLY use her cookbook, so any of you rich folk out there wanna buy it for me - don't hesitate. Anyway, Zombie's video made the burgers look AWESOME but I didn't have the peppers he threw in and I felt like it was missing something.

SO. Instead of a chipotle pepper I threw in part of a hot banana pepper and instead of a poblano I threw in a whole bunch of chopped red pepper that I had in the freezer. I also put in a big dash of cumin and shredded zucchini & freshly frozen corn for fun. Also instead of Daiya cheese which I didn't have I threw in some Vegan mozzarella. What else did I do? Uhm. I THINK thats it. Oh, used fresh herbs and one more clove of garlic. I also did not use canned black beans (I used dried that I soaked and cooked) and WAYYYYYY less salt! Also to make it a bit more sticky I sprinkled some EnerG into it before blending and used whole wheat flour for coating. OH YEAH. I added some nutritional yeast too - since I add that to essentially EVERYTHING. The burgers turned out really good! I made enough batter for 5 or 6 probably - not sure as I haven't cooked it all. I'm going to try to freeze one and see how that works and cook the rest.

Anyway - below is a photo of my foot. Why you ask? Well - lets just say you can tell if i've been cooking by looking a the bottom of my feet... Of course not ALL of the dirt there is from the kitchen - honest!

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