Sunday, November 20, 2011

Shopping day!

Michael & I visited a whole bunch of grocery stores and spent a little money on some groceries today... which is kind of exciting. Especially when its mostly shopping for the holidays. I picked up a Tofurky for the Thanksgiving dinner being held at my Mother-In-Love's house this week. I also picked up some Gimme Lean Sausage for my stuffing so it will taste just like mom's! YAY! I also bought some millet which is going to be in one of the recipes I hope to make for Yule. I'm pretty excited.

Anyway, for lunch I had a Dr. Praeger's California Veggie Burger - which, btw... is my absolute favorite veggie burger ever. Not joking. It is actually made out of vegetables. There are chunks of carrots and peas in it. FABULOUS. I highly recommend them. I fried mine in a little bit of veggie oil and then smothered it in lightly fried green onions, romaine lettuce and a quick sauce I whipped up that involved vidalia onion mustard, mayo & tahini. I was also too lazy to make real coleslaw so I chopped up some cabbage and carrots and green onion and drizzled a home made slaw sauce over it (really fast and easy - mayo, white vinegar & maple syrup!).

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