Friday, January 14, 2011

Wee, a little break from REALITY.

Or not. Sorry I've been quiet guys, in the process of moving, life, etc. Also - I just plain stink at cooking... this blog is basically showing the few successes I have when it comes the things I make. So when I'm quiet, I'm either having a bad streak OR I'm eating stuff out of a box (*shame*).

Anywho. I've made a couple things in the past few days that are pretty good... Yesterday I made vegan cabbage rolls which Michael thought were great and I thought were "eh" but if he likes it, that makes me happy.

I also made some stuffed manicotti, I used daiya cheese for this & it was pretty rad. *heart*

Tonight I had a ripe avocado... I REALLY wanted to try this recipe for a raw avocado soup and I had all the ingredients but one, spinach :( SO I had to find something else. I decided to dig out my nori sheets and make myself some nori rolls! YUM!! AND SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EASY! You can't mess them up! Now, I just wish I had some wasabi.

**Edited to add a note: A friend of mine suggested that I needed to work on "presentation". I know this. However, until I work on my cooking skills, my presentation skills will have to wait. Sorry to any this may inconvenience. *thpbt**

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