Monday, December 13, 2010


Snow in Knoxville TN is a big deal. We got all of maybe TWO whole inches and the entire city seems to be shut down... schools, colleges, stores, the office at my apartment complex.

Anyway... been in a bit of a funk lately and the only food I've been able to pop out that was edible are bagel sandwiches.

Today's bagel sandwich - Tofutti sour cream, a sprinkle of flax and sesame seeds, lettuce, alfalfa sprouts & green onion. Was pretty tasty, even Michael liked it.

I also made banana bread! I had three perfectly disgustingly over ripe bananas that needed using so I mashed them up and added a bunch of stuff (sunflowers and flax seed) - unfortunately had to use white sugar (yuck) as i'm out of agave... and then sprinkled pepitas on top (Michael's request). It tastes ok, but I've grown to dislike the flavor of white sugar... I've been smothering it with the apple butter I made a week or so ago. Still absolutely awesome. :D I'd give you the recipe but I sort of mashed two together and added stuff neither called for... SO its kind of hard to help you with that... maybe i'll add them later.

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