Friday, December 3, 2010

Apples, apples and MORE APPLES!

Ok, so like - a couple weeks ago Michael & I stopped at a local farm and bought a pretty big bag of mixed apples. From what I remember it had: Granny Smith, Arkansas Black, Blushing Gold (it was blushing SOMETHING), Mutsu, and maybe Fuji... possibly other varieties I can't remember. Anyway I happened to have the luck of finding my absolute FAVORITE apple evAr... (Blushing Gold-?-) and a ton of other delicious apples - the only one I DIDN'T like was the black one... I think I probably should have learned not to eat dark apples from Snow White, but I always hated Disney.

I think I just got off track - so, we had a ton of apples. Not to mention I think they were like, procreating in the crisper drawer in the fridge. I have to say I've eaten at least 10 apples since getting the bag and when I counted the remainder today I had over 20... however, Michael had brought some home from school - Red Delicious. So I would say there were probably 25 or so apples in that bag when we bought it... at least. For 2 people, that is a helluva lot of apples.

Today - I did an apple cook-off. I made applesauce, zucchini apple bread, baked potato latkes (which required some of the previously mentioned applesauce) & I have apple butter cooking in the crock pot.

The latkes were ok, but totally missing something - quite possibly the fried in oil flavor, I'm not sure. I think next time I'll use some kind of seasoning salt or something to add a little more flavor. I got the recipe for the Latkes here. The Meet The Shannons websites is one of my absolute favorites for vegan meal ideas. I also got the zucchini apple bread recipe there (here). :) I've made this recipe once before using fresh zucchini, today I used up the frozen that I had in the fridge... If it hadn't been a little freezer burned, I would not have been able to notice any difference at all in flavor. Today's bread was SUPER moist. I also was lazy and didn't cut the apples up very fine... so it was a bit chunkier. Also, I didn't have walnuts *sob* so I used sunflower seeds instead as I wanted SOME kind of protein as this is a bread I'll eat for breakfast.

The applesauce was a simple recipe I found online here, I just wish I hadn't added the full amount of Cinnamon, I generally like mine without it... but am trying to teach myself that it is best to follow the original recipe the first time and make adjustments later & since I suck at cooking - I'll leave it to the people that know how to do it. :P

A picture of the Zucchini Apple loaf I made - unfortunately I didn't think to take a photo until after I started munching on the larger, prettier loaf of the two... so this is a photo of the smaller loaf, after it had been put on a cooling rack (upside down! Oops :) )

Above is a photo of the latkes I made. Nom. :D

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