Monday, December 6, 2010


So, this past weekend was long and grueling for both Michael and I. He had a 15 page paper to write due today, as well as a presentation on said paper today. Which meant I didn't get the computer very much at all over the weekend. What does one do when they have little to no computer access?

Oh, they cook. He said "I want brownies, or cake." so - I found a super easy peasy recipe for vegan chocolate cake, complete with vegan frosting!!!!

Talk about the shiznit. I read somewhere on one of the many reviews that someone had used instant coffee in place of cocoa, so I decided to use coffee (already brewed) in place of some water. It wasn't very strong as I had watered it down pretty good, but I used it in both cake and frosting. Also, I added cinnamon and nutmeg in the frosting for a little holiday pizazz. Wish I had had walnuts! Only complaint - the cake was a little dry on the outside... but absolutely fine on the inside! I think next time I will either half the recipe and use a smaller cake pan or make two pans instead of one - it just took much longer to cook on the inside then it did the out.

The frosting has STAYED CREAMY all night long! Its freaking awesome! WOO HOO. I only frosted half the cake out of fear that it would just be TOO MUCH chocolate. I was wrong :P

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