Monday, October 17, 2011

Not going to talk about food today... but health care products!

Recently I sent my significant other on a shopping trip for a few necessities, specifically shampoo and hand soap for the bathroom. He came home, all proud of himself having not forgotten a single item... however, when I pulled the items out of the bag I asked him "Did you read the ingredients?" He had not.

I really try to avoid products that do not say "Not tested on animals". I've seen the bunny pictures that have had cosmetic testing done, and I really do not want to support that, its unnecessary.

First, he's a vegetarian, and not at all vegan... and the hand soap he got was "Milk & Honey". It hadn't even OCCURRED to him that this isn't at all vegan. However, I guess it could have been worse... because the shampoo is what really got me. Now I'm going off of memory, but I'm pretty sure it not only had gelatin in it, but hydrolyzed keratin AND silk in it. There may have even been other ingredients that are animal based that I'm not familiar with. Something I hope to correct by educating myself a little bit more.

There is nothing like taking a shower and scrubbing with animal by-products. Really. Yay, dead animal in my hair! GAG!

Ok. So. With that in mind, I'm going to link a few really great sites, the first one is HappyCow's list of animal ingredients. Here you will find an alphabetical listing of animal products and where you would find them. The second link is Ask Us Why's list of cruelty free companies and products. Ask Us Why's web page seems like it could possibly be out dated, there might be newer sources, but I don't really have time to research. Please let me know if you find a better source! Thanks!

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