Thursday, May 5, 2011

Red potatoes. YUM!

So, last weekend was Beltane & on Sunday I decided to celebrate with a little fire out back. I made myself a little meal of boiled red potatoes SMOTHERED in a herb "butter" sauce & then grilled zucchini & red pepper over the fire. It was AWESOME!!! Not exactly healthy, but still AWESOME!

So this is the sauce:

I poured maybe 2 TBSP of safflower oil into a medium sauce pan and heated it over medium heat. I then dropped a sprig or three of both fresh oregano and thyme into it. Followed by a dollop (maybe 2 more TBSP) of margarine into it, took it off the heat and let it melt. Add to potatoes. Eat. *heart* The second time I made this sauce I added a PINCH of powdered dry rosemary since it can be so overwhelming. It was equally tasty. Wish I had taken a picture. *edit to add* I DID! I DID TAKE A PICTURE!

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