Friday, May 20, 2011

Easy artichoke pasta salad - soy free.

From what I've read there are lots of reasons to eat soy, and lots of reasons to NOT eat soy. I've decided to stop eating as much of it as possible - but its mostly because, well... my body doesn't like it :P So I've been kind of bummed because I've been unable to eat one of my favorite summer time foods, artichoke salad. Until now. I found a recipe for mayo-free artichoke salad and I added to it. I not only added FRESH basil & parsley, but I also added a tiny bit of thyme & oregano (or is it marjoram?!) ALL FROM MY GARDEN!! I also diced up a few radishes and tossed them in. I used the tri-color rotini pasta. It is AWESOME. Honest! I'd be posting a picture but once again have misplaced my camera cord. So you'll just have to believe me for now (or make it!). The colors are beautiful and it would add a bit of flair to just about any meal. :) GO TRY IT!

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