Sunday, April 10, 2011

What's for dinner?!?! Kulbyaka & Blackberry Peach sorbet

Oh My Goddess.

So, earlier int he week Kathy came across a bunch of dill and couldn't pass it up. She loves dill. I happen to love dill too! Yay! One of her favorite recipes is Green Lentil Kulbyaka which can be found in this awesome awesome cook book. Unfortunately, its not vegan. So we make a few adjustments. For starters, we skip the eggs. I'm SURE that it would have more body if we added tofu or something, but to be honest... with all the flavor that is already in this... its unnecessary. Maybe I'll try it some day. The second "change" was vegan margarine versus butter. No big surprise there. The third change... we used a crap ton of dill. It calls for 2 Tbsp fresh, we probably used 3 or 4. We also used less parsley because we had MORE dill. Fourth change... instead of using a max of 8 sheets of filo pastry, we used a whole roll. Maybe... 12 sheets? More? Super extra crispy nom. Overkill? Maybe just a little.

Oh, yeah, we definitely added more mushrooms too.

All in all this is one of my all time favorite lentil dishes.

Ok, ok, i'm rushing to the sorbet, relax already!

We had this baggie of frozen blackberries in the freezer - these are NOT store bought, but either picked fresh or picked up from a farmer's market. Kathy is so freaking awesome about buying TONS of fruit and freezing it for to make the long winters more bearable. So I came across THIS recipe for blackberry sorbet and adjusted it by adding 2 cups of frozen (thawed) peaches. I did not add any more agave or water.

This... is... the... shiznit... and by THAT I mean it is SO WONDERFUL! YAY! What a feast! "Feast of kings" maybe :)1

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