Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Vegan, month 8, day 6ish.

A lot of people ask me, "Why did you go vegan?" - easy peeasy answer... and its not really the right one. I wanted to loose weight. I had a friend in college say that when she went vegan she lost a ton of weight - and I looked at her and thought "You must have looked anorexic." What I really should be saying is "I did it for the animals". Its not though.

I have been a vegetarian since April 1st 2005. I went vegan on April 3rd, 2010. Choosing to be a vegetarian was easy, I was never really a big meat eater. Also I did it for the animals. Honestly, have you SEEN what we do to meat animals? Ew. That and I was inspired by Michael's decision to go veggie because he was eating too much garbage... mainly meat lover pizza or Italian subs.

Oh light but I miss Italian subs from subway. I WILL make a vegan version one of these days and I WILL love it.

Anyway, being vegan really is very different from being vegetarian. I am still shocked every day by the things Michael can eat (being a vegetarian) that I can't. I've made him grilled cheese sandwiches and looked longingly on the melting American cheese... and once almost put a piece in my mouth before realizing "Hey, I can't eat this. Crap." I probably miss cheese the most out of everything. Even over chocolate and white sugar. The few times I've broken down and eaten cheese have been extremely disappointing. Somehow its not as tasty as I remember. Which is ok with me. Sort of.

My biggest weaknesses have mostly been burritos with cheese and sour cream as well as pizza... and I know there are vegan version... but again - finances. I should really just make my own with the tofu I have.

Got up late this morning, so I had brunch today instead of breakfast and lunch. I decided on pita pizzas. It was my first time making them and I have some tweeking to do, but I definitely will make more in the future!

The biggest problem I've had with veganism (aside from lack of funding) is that I don't eat (can't eat) a lot of garlic/onion/bell peppers - and can't eat leeks at all. Garlic just tends to be a staple of all vegans... and I know when I'm eating something that is missing something - its often garlic... because I don't know what to fill the void with.

For dinner tonight I had mini pitas stuffed with hummus, seed sprouts (alfalfa and other), kale, tomatoes, zucchini & cucumber. Heaven.

I made a Quorn Turkey roast for Michael, along with stuffing and roasted veggies we can both eat for lunch tomorrow.

Work tomorrow. Can't wait for the holidays and upcoming move to be OVER!

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