Monday, November 15, 2010

Ahh, Monday.

Its gray out with a possibility of rain. Makes me want to curl up in my blanket and snooze all day... with a bowl of warm veggie soup near by. Which is precisely what I've been doing and plan to do until I have to go to work this evening!!

I made a great huge pot of vegetable soup with zucchini, yellow squash, green beans, corn, tomatoes, and whatever else I could find to toss in. Even Michael liked it! I've been adding tofu to some bowls, rice to others and TINY little pasta stars to yet others. Tastes wonderful no matter what!

Also I made this wonderful kale recipe yesterday... it was so good... I ate it all. The only thing I changed was instead of using pico de gallo or cayenne pepper I used Franks Red Hot sauce and applied liberally. Delicious. It screamed out "Where is my corn bread?!" Maybe next time :D

Also one good thing about today is TheVeganBackpacker is doing a free giveaway of Pure Bars! W00t! Sign up here:

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