Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer time

I love summer, the sun, the green, the food...

How can you NOT love summer foods?

Anywho - I've been working on a few meal plans for the sabbats and yesterday got to try my hand at Peach & Blackberry crisp. AWESOMENESS. I will post the recipe in July after my article about celebrating Lammas is published.

Right now I'm enjoying some good ole comfort food... You're all going to think I'm crazy. I probably am. Instant mashed potatoes + edamame + nutritional yeast + black pepper + bac'n bits + a white sauce (almond milk, margarine, flour) turned gravy (half a cube of fake chick'n bouillon & a splash of tamari). I'm in heaven. I think it could have done without the tamari because of how salty the bouillon is - but it tastes so awesome.

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